Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Collaboration bareeyedsun.blogspot.com

Question about publishing guest posts on your website
Hi! I am Alex. I hope your day is going great !
bareeyedsun.blogspot.com : Is this your site?: (If I'm wrong, then I'm sorry for bothering you)
Let me ask you a question: Do you sell ads on your site? I'm interested in permanent articles with indexed links.
I found your site and probably soon we could start cooperation with you. Are you considering such a collaboration?

Perhaps you are interested, I'll tell you what we want:
  • We are interested in a SEO article with an open link on a permanent basis
  • We are interested in articles on online casinos, betting, poker, forex and crypto
  • We consider articles both with a direct reference to the topic and adapted to the theme of your site 
  • We can consider the option of embedding a link in an already prepared article.
  • We are interested in cooperating with you, even if you can publish an article on one of the indicated topics 
  • Any section of the site open for indexing will suit us
  • We need to understand how much your services cost. We value your time and ours. We must understand how beneficial it is for everyone

Please give me an answer.
Best Regards

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