Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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A Parting Quiz and off to Slovenia

This will probably be my last post until I return from Slovenia. The first picture is the Julian Alps, in Slovenia. I apologize, since some of you have seen it before, but just a little hint of where we're headed.

The rest of the post is a QUIZ. Hpy had a quiz when she left, so I am having one too. I will turn OFF the comments so you can't see what each other wrote until I return and turn them on again. There may be an award for the winner. You still WRITE your comments and guesses, but they won't show up until I turn them back on.

These are enlarged crops from various photos of mine--your job is to guess what they are. The numbering starts with the first one AFTER the Slovenia picture.

I will be back in early July. I am leaving tomorrow, but frantically busy today. I shouldn't be doing this. LOL! But I am.

You can enlarge the pictures, all of them, by clicking on them.
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

baby woodchucks

The most exciting thing at St. John's Marsh were two baby woodchucks--they were SO cute--they weren't afraid of us on the bikes--they didn't move and we almost ran over them because they were in the middle of the very narrow trail, but when we got off they hissed and spit at us like little kittens and then turned and ran into the tall weeds. It was very cool! :-D Unfortunately it all happened so quickly we didn't get any pictures. Too bad.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


In a Dream of Remembering, forget-me-nots. These remind me of my Mom, especially after I made that forget-me-not painting of her forget-me-nots after she died. These were from Cranbrook Oriental Garden, and the misty "effect" may have been caused by overheated "dew or perspiration" (otherwise known as sweat) devaporizing on the lens.

I did a new "quick painting" tonight of myself reflected in Biker Buddy's eye. I may do some additional work on it sometime.

I will be out of the country June 14-28, so I will not be blogging for quite a while, probably (at least once I leave and maybe while getting ready).
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