Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Catching the Sun

Catching the Sun, by Mary Stebbins. Click image to view larger. For the Silhouettes Challenge of The Weekly Photoshop Challenge. I took this Sunday night at the Pinery on our camping trip. Posted by Picasa

Pick up Sticks

Pick up Sticks, by Mary Stebbins, click image to view larger.

Graham is collecting twigs to start a fire. He had two tents, a sleeping tent and a play tent. The one in the back was ours. More images from camping trip on usnfriends. Posted by Picasa

A love-hate relationship with camping

Things I love about camping:

  1. cudddling in a cocoon of tent
  2. waking up and already being there
  3. nature: flowers, trees wind
  4. great scenery
  5. the cut-wood, carry-water simplicity of the day
  6. new things to explore
  7. hiking, walking
  8. a change of scene
  9. photo ops
  10. water (lakes, rivers, streams)
  11. fun camp food, toasting marshmallows
  12. fun activities (kayaking, canoeing, etc)
  13. relaxing
  14. family togetherness
  15. rubbing my feet in the sand
  16. building sand castles and making sand sculptures
  17. looking at things closely, contemplating
  18. no phone calls, email or other outside disturbances
Things I hate about camping:
  1. mosquitoes
  2. black flies
  3. stable flies
  4. deer flies
  5. horse flies
  6. house flies and bottle flies, stinging bees and wasps
  7. sunburn, sunburn sickness
  8. my inability to sleep well and increasing tiredness
  9. the fact that I can't eat Some Mores or ice cream because of my allergies
  10. loud radios and loud talk past bedtime
  11. headlights through the tent at one AM
  12. being perpetually dirty
  13. smoke in my face
  14. ashes and dirt in my food
  15. blisters
  16. bad weather
  17. LONG waits at the border crosssings
We're back safe from our camping trip to the Pinery.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bubbles Celebration 6

Bubbles Celebration 6, by Mary Stebbins.

I am trying to learn to use Adobe Illustrator in conjunction with Photoshop and I created this. (And a lot of others as well. LOL!) Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Sit DOWN!" (Mr. Key visits Greenfield Village)

"Sit DOWN!" (Mr. Key visits Greenfield Village), photo by Mary Stebbins. Click on image to view larger.

After Leaving Terry Ellis and Bobbie Davis, Mr. Key has been doing a LOT of travelling. He's been halfway around the country three times and is now on his way to see Kate Jackson in Messing England.

One of the many places Mr. Key visited was the famous Greenfield Historical Village created by Henry Ford in Deerborn, Michigan. He was excited to ride with the historical girls, but they had to yell at him to sit down!

Stay tuned for more of Mr. Key's adventures!!! (He wonders if he'll run into Wandering Juanita somewhere.) Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Watch this spot!! (Mr. Key)

Mr Key has embarked on a world Tour. He's left Terry Ellis and Bobbie Davis and arrived in upstate NY via Detroit. He's taking a nap now, but soon, he'll be up and about, open his eyes, and tour about. After he's seen upstate NY and returns to Detroit for a wedding and a visit, he's off to Kate Jackson in England and on around the world. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 07, 2006

in the middle

I like best to start working and stay on the project until it's done, but I am breaking in the middle becasue it is sunny out.  And Sunday!  I walked last night and several other ights this week in the dark and once or twice in the rain and I want to get out in the sun while it's light.  Hope you're having a happy Sunday!

I am certain of nothing but the Heart's affections and the truth of the Imagination- John Keats

Triggering steer memories

A steer like this cow figures in one of my (yet unpubished) children's novels! (Over the Edge). The incident in the book was based on a true story about a long horn cow in with some non long horns at a ranch where I lived in Idaho. The steer was getting meaner and meaner! One day we were having dinner at the rancher's house and he said, "how do you like your steaks?" And I said, "fine," and he said, "you'e eating the Longhorn!" I felt a little sad. I was so affected by it that I put it in the story. Of course every steak is a cow, but I knew that one personally. LOL!

The novel was one of the ones lost when Dead's hard drive died. I still have the drive--hope I can get it back.

Nice picture! Mary :-)

Friday, May 05, 2006

St. Catherine's Sunset

St. Catherine's Sunset, by Mary Stebbins. Click on image to view larger. Posted by Picasa

Pleasures of the Flesh!

AH, CLEAN!  What a treat it is to shower afer getting all sweatified and grubbified mowing and working in the yard.  AHHHHH!

Sometimes simple pleasures are sweetly wonderfully pleasurable!  YAY!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Murphy

It eventully stopped raining and I went out to mow after waiting a while for it to dry a little
and it IMMEDIATLY began raining, but I was eager to mow so I went in and got a jacket and hat and then it started totally pouring


I am making some supper then--apple maple chicken sausage stirfry with brocoli, mushroms, yellow squash

then I will trya gain.  Or I'll have to go out and walk.

I love to walk, but I wanted to get the lawn mowed.

I have been invited to show at an all digial show and am starting a new website for that purpose.  It is called DIIMAGIK.  That's pronounced DEE-Ih-MAH-GIK, with the Dee-and the IH being slurred together.  DEE-Imagik, like imagination.

Dulcimer Detail

Dulcimer Detail, by Mary Stebbins, from the String Band at Greenfield Village. Click on image to view larger. Posted by Picasa

Murphy at work

It is was warm verging on HOT and sunny all the time while I was wrapping presents, calling the nursing home, sending of trust statements, taling to Shel Little about my new show, Icons and Images, etc. FINALLY I got out to mow and tugged and tugged on the mower and got it going and started mowing and didn't a huge black cloud immediately appear on the horizon! 20 minutes later, it was pouring! HUGE drops, fast an hard, bouncing and steaming off the road, coming in sheets like blizzard, blowing and tumblinf down. I tried to keep mowing even as my clothes were instantly glued to my skin, but when the lightning and thunder started, I am in. Soaked. I only got the front quarter on Incllination mowed and up abot 20 feet on the Sextant side and part of the back mowed. Lot more still to go. The rain has waned and it's amlost sunny (though cloudy) but the thunder is still rumbling all around.

I was watching the crabapple and redbud blossoms against the black sky wishing I could stop for a picture!!! But was trying desperately to get some mowing under my belt before I had to quit.

Mowing bothers my fibromyalgia more than walk and gives me asthma and makes me sad (I hate mowing down flowers!) The noise really bothers and upsets me (like vacuum cleaner noise.) I'll be grateful when I don't have to do that any more. YAY! Wedding, June 10!