Monday, July 28, 2008

The Smell of Sun, New Poem from the Geraldine cycle, Counting Fingers, Smelting Light

I have a reading tonight, and I will be reading this poem, which I wrote while we were on vacation in the UP. We were staying at the Bay Furnace Campground and had returned from the Pictured Rocks boat cruise and tour, and were taking a stroll along Lake Superior after dark. I had been struggling with the honeymoon poem for my Geraldine Chapbook and had made several false starts, but sitting in the darkness with BB, sitting on a log looking at the stars and moon and listening to the quiet ripples, I had a new idea for the honeymoon poem and wrote this in my tiny pocket notebook in the dark with no light.

The Smell of Sun

A swell of water rises, curls and falls to the sand,

tinkling like tiny bells, opening an "ah" in Geraldine, opening

a space inside, in darkness where once she was solid like a rock,

opening an internal ear horn that listens for a sound like bits of ice

dropping into fragile glass. She watches as another

wave follows, as soft and sweet as the first, and then a third.

In shining darkness, waves angle against the shore. The quiet

singing of their touch passes along the sand from right

to left. Ricky's hand warms Geraldine's in the cooling night,

and she squeezes it, laughing aloud at the quick squeeze back.

The full moon the guardians teased about ("perfect

for your honeymoon") casts a single shadow on the sand,

echoes Geraldine's body leaning into Ricky's. Fireflies

blink on and off along the sand, in the bushes, and out

over the water, mirroring a wilderness of stars. Wisps

of mist, lit by moonlight, drift over the lake, thicken and gather

in the bays and between the hills. Down the beach, a lone boat

stands out in silhouette against the moon path.

Geraldine wiggles her toes in the sand and snuggles closer

to Ricky and says "oh" and "oh," again. She breathes

the smell of sun from his skin, the clean, sweet smell

of his body. His arm, circling her shoulders, draws her

yet nearer, presses close. Then, a moment later, he tugs

her to her feet. They walk barefoot down the beach

to their honeymoon cottage, to the bed turned down

and waiting for them, scattered with daisies,

to the sheets that smell of cedar and lavender,

like sunshine, like love. After they drop their clothing

to the floor, after they pull the sheet cool to their chins,

before they turn toward each other, they watch a star fall,

blue and flickering over the water, steaming

into the ripples like misted flame.

Mary Stebbins Taitt

-----this line and everything below this line are not part of the poem------- 080729--1533--2d; 080718; 1st Written 7-18-08 at Bay Furnace Campground on the shore of Lake Michigan near midnight in my pocket notebook without a light. Details from our own experience. The reading copy has the names of Jake and Luisa, Al and Lily removed

another use for cameras

We had a great time on our trip, but . . .
. . . there WERE a lot of mosquitoes there!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sketch ("Sissy, age 14") in Moleskine

This is a quick sketch--I was experimenting with gessoed pages, this
one with water color pencil.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunset on Superior

Here's a mole painting from our vacation. We spent some time on Lake
Superior. We loved the sunsets (and the lightning!). This is water
color on gessoed Moleskine. Of course, the sunset tonight over Lake
St. Clair was pretty nice! Not this color, though, it was pink,
purple, grey and black.

You can see two more vacation mole sketches here.


Piano Boy, with new video game.


Baby Lauren

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Away and incommunicado

We are leaving for a two week camping trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and will probably be incommunicado until we return on the 22nd or 23rd of July.  (prolly no posts)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

"My art project" postcard

We've been away about a week and since we arrived home, have been very
busy with meeting and parties etc. We went to the DIAand I made this
postcard at a postcard-making workshop. It was a bit rushed and the
laminating didn't work well.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Home, but not home

We got home late last night, but we were gone ALL DAY today and will
be gone most of the day tomorrow as well. Then we're packing up in
the next couple days for an extended camping trip.

Tomorrow, on July 4th, we will be celebrating not only our nation's
independence (and wishing we'd leave everyone else alone), but also
two birthdays.

When we got home tonight, I painted these two cards for Soldier Boy
and Soccer Girl for their brthdays tomorrow. They are my attempt at
Chinese brush painting. I'm not very good at it yet, dunno if I ever
will be.

Now I have to make a big batch pf potato salad and some green salad,
but first I have to make Mayonaise--from scratch. I'm allergic to
store mayo. I won't be on-line much.

HAPPY 5th of July. Freedom and Peace for all peoples. That is what
the little symbol on the kitten painting means. PEACE!

May peace be with you.