Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what Ryan saw

This wretched condition I have requires sitting in a tub of hot water. Multiple times a day.

I heard a knock at the door at 10 PM. I was in the bathtub reading with glasses and a headlamp—I thought Keith'd accidentally locked the door and it was Graham coming in. Trying to come in. I wrapped a bathrobe around me without tying it and went down, but the door wasn't locked and it wasn't Graham—it was Ryan on his skateboard. He was all sweatified because he'd ridden his skateboard over and he lives a LONG ways away. He wanted Graham and he wanted a drink of water. I gave him some water, but I didn't know Graham was. I must have looked a sight in the bathrobe, headlamp and glasses dripping wet. Our bathroom lights are very dim, chosen (not by me) for beauty rather than function. I'm a function kind of gal! That's why I love a good headlamp. I have a whole collection of them now.

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