Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekword: Mercurial (Post in progress)

Carmen over at Biomouse is Hosting the Weekword this week, and it is Mercurial!! So hop on over there and sign up.

Mercurial is a very interesting word.

The guy at the left is my mercurial husband, mercurial in this case because he's shiny like mercury!

I am a Gemini, and Geminis are ruled by Mercury. Voila my self portrait above, done while under the influence of illness. There are two aspects of the self-portrait that reflect mercury--one is the metallic appearance which reminds me of the metal, mercury and the other is the twins, Gemini. Even though I am a scientist, I am not going to apologize for the unscientific "Astrology" reference. Because I am also a poet, I value symbolism. In the portrait above, I show myself young and old. Note that my older self is much toothier than my young self. (Click image to view larger).

My father was a chemist, and I had my own chemistry lab as a kid, in my room, and as a teen in the basement. My father brought me a bottle of mercury from the lab where he worked and I played with it and held it in my hand. I loved the cool metallic liquid flowing from hand to hand and they way it beaded up into balls. Much of it escaped into my bedroom. Some of my health issues may stem from mercury poisoning. My health is mercuric as a partial result of mercury.

Mercurial is moody, and boy can I be moody! I am so lucky to have found a man who can love me for my good sides and tolerate my moodiness! I hope it's just a coincidence that my unhappy self seems larger than my happy self!

Mercury is a planet (and I used to be a planetarium Director). The planet must be mercurial!

Mercury is a car--and we own one. Is the car Mercurial?

Here I am on our blue Mercury Grand Marquis holding the sun in one hand and Mercury in the other! I am feeling Mercurial!

I eat a lot of fish and worry they might be mecurial! AK! Poor fish. Poor planet. Poor me, you and everyone.

OK, I'm getting completely carried away here--but I was just remembering how when I got a new pair of running shoes, I felt as if my feet were winged. Here I am racing my brother as a kid, with my winged Mercury snow boots, determined to win. (If you can't see the wings and want to--by now you may be sick of this post), click on the image to make it bigger--or on any other image).

More to come (I hope). Maybe before Friday I will do some real art or poetry instead of fever dreams!!


Domestic Scribbles said...

This was the word for you this week! I'm particularly fond of your self portrait as I can relate to the toothy bit.

henniemavis said...

Mercurial IS an excellent word! Darn, sorry I missed it. I liked your stories about it, tho :-)

Christine E-E said...

Your pictures, stories & rationale were pretty convincing! You are "mercurial"...

John said...

I too am a Gemini and a twin, my twin sister and I are opposite sides of the same coin. Like the art work and that you are an open minded scientist, pretty close to being a messenger of the GODS, truly mercurial.

B said...

Wow! Good job on mercurial interpretations! Didn't think of the Mercury car... My mom had a great big blue one when we were growing up! Great post.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Life, as often happens, stole me away from home and I did not complete this post! Darn. I think I will add something to it and call it done for any future comers.

*****NOTE TO SELF--respond to the people above! Can't do it now, have a salon tonight!!!

Biomouse said...

I'm so glad this word fed your soul so much and really got you sharing some amazing stuff-I feel so privileged :) Having visited much of the Yucatan Peninsula, I found the MAyans use of cinnabar as a pigment on buildings, clothing and their skin, and liquid mercury as a divination tool by the shamans really intriguing, but as much I planned to write about it, it just didn't happen this time. Funny how plans get so easily changed. Thanks for playing and what a wonderful interpretation!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you biomouse and all of you for your kind comments.

I had fun with this. I was sick when I did it--I might have done something different if I were not sick, LOL!

Like not published all those super quick sketches!

But it was FUN!