Tuesday, June 07, 2011

walking tracker app, Run Keeper, on iPad

Tuesday, 6-7-11 10:52 AM I am trying out a new (to me) iPad app for tracking walking speed and distance called Runkeeper, but it does not work well on the iPad for a variety of reasons.  This iPad does not have 3G and apparently, either does not have a GPS or the GPS requires the Internet or the GPS doesn't work well.  The iPad doesn't work well for writing while walking.  It is heavy and awkward and the keyboard poops green.  The keyboard is missing vital keys for serious word processing, such as navigational arrows and a forward delete button. The screen is hard to see in the bright sun. The heaviness and awkwardness of the iPad (compared to the Psion, which I love) makes my back hurt trying to write while walking. I have to lean back or something to counterbalance it. There is also no tab key.

I have been walking 40 minutes, and it says I have walked .32 miles at a pace of 2 hours for one mile, which is wrong. I am a slow walker, but not that slow!  I've walked over a mile, I"m not sure how much over a mile.   At the end, it says I walked 51:36 and .6 miles.  Uhh, duh!  That is not correct--useless app for iPad!!! It might work OK if I walked up and down my short little driveway for 45 minutes!!!

Then I got an email from RunKeeper:

  • This is a RunKeeper FitnessAlert to let you know that you achieved the following milestones with your most recent walking activity. 
It has my farthest distance as .6, but I actually walked MUCH father than that. I walk farther than that EVERY DAY!  DUH!!! I guess I have to spend a LOT of money if I want to enter the digital cloud age for walkers.  I need an iPhone or iPad with 3G and an upgrade to RunKeeper elite--NOT!  I have a watch and that is good enough for me right now!!!

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John said...

The machines which try to do the thinking for us.......Good for you, using your brain and a watch, like it.