Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mac and Cheese and Chocolate Pudding!

Mousse, box pudding, homemade pudding

Keith wanted Mac and Cheese and chocolate pudding for his birthday, but he wanted to have a leisurely evening f it, so we didn't do it last night, because last night, we went to Carmina Burana.  (FANTASTIC!) So today, I made a huge batch of our old family recipe Mac and Cheese and three kinds of chocolate "pudding."  I made chocolate pudding and mousse from a box and I spent a really long time making chocolate pudding from scratch.  I made the mistake of tasting it.  I almost fainted, it was so good.  I licked the pan.  Expect me to be complaining about being really sick for the next few days!  AK!!  (IT WAS SO GOOD).  I laid them out in front of Keith's place with little labels and I am interested to see which he likes best.  (I know which one I LIKE BEST!)   It would be to my advantage if he liked the pudding from a box best, as that is the quickest and easiest make, LOL!  But my guess is, he'll like the home made best--if you're interested, stay posted.  I took a picture, but I do not have time to post it.

The mac and cheese is in the oven, and the pudding is ready, but I am going to make asparagus and for me, since I can't eat mac and cheese, lab chops.  And a little stir fry.  I've spent the whole day (almost) standing in the kitchen and am tired, even though I haven't walked and may not get to--for the second day in a row--too ---ing busy!  And I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.  LATE, I will send the picture, if I ever have time.  Now I've got two days of walking to try to make up.  I'm usually pretty good about making up lost walking time.  I'll let you know.

The other thing I haven't done for two days or longer is work on NaNoWriMo prep.  I mean the actual prep, not talking about it.  To say nothing of not working on Welcome Home or my mole or any of my other book projects.  Yesterday, I worked on poetry and Keith's birthday and today, I shopped (without luck) for shoes and cooked for Keith's birthday.  That's it.  My whole day.

The reason K asked for Mac and Cheese and chocolate pudding is that I don't normally cook those things, since I'm allergic to them.  I would make them for him if he asked, though.  I'm taking a quick break because I've been standing so long, but I have GOT to get back to work or it won't be ready on time.  He'll be home in about 15 minutes!

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