Saturday, December 17, 2011

In the Way; Insomnia # 111218

In the Way; Insomnia # 111218

I lie in bed and twitch, tired, but not sleepy.
 I don't know what to do with my extra arms and legs.
Wherever I put them, they are in the way, cordwood
piled against raw skin. My body twists into a mobius strip,
a single surface of angst. Electricity crackles and snaps
down my spine, leaping from vertebrae to vertebrae.
 My left foot circles and rears like a wild stallion.
 When it leaps from the bed, it drags the rest of me,
protesting, with it, out into canyons of darkness,
 lighting the night with the lantern
throbbing from my weary skull.

 Mary Stebbins Taitt 111218-0200


jo(e) said...

This description is so amazingly vivid.

(I hope you are getting some sleep though.)

John said...

Must be horrible Mary, sleep tight!

merrytait said...

Thanks you both--it was supposed to be a poem but didn't post right.