Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catwalks and Understructure

Catwalks, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California

Catwalks and Understructure.

It is red now, but in 1965, it was green. It has a railing now, but in 1965, there were no railings.
After my apartment was robbed, on the lower Lower East side (Manhattan), and the thieves took my money and I couldn't pay my rent,
after the landlord put me out on the street because I couldn't pay and he needed his money,
after I was assaulted sleeping on a bench in the park,
I slept briefly in the under-structure of the Brooklyn Bridge. Yep. It was pretty scary.
I was afraid I'd roll out and fall to my death, so I didn't sleep well.
It wasn't exactly comfy, either.
I was afraid the cops would find me.
I was afraid bad men would find me.
"Bad" men approached, and I beat a hasty retreat. I stood near a police officer, hoping to be left alone. The "bad" men left me alone. The officer did not.

The photo is actually of the Golden Gate Bridge, from my recent trip to California. I don't KNOW what color the Brooklyn Bridge is now, but I think it was green then. This is a true story.


John said...

What a story Mary, you must have been so frightened.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I was pretty scared, although I tried to pretend, even to myself, that I wasn't.

ruzzel01 said...

A heart touching story. Thanks for sharing.

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Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

thanks Russell--or Ruzzel? I appreciate yr kindness.