Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekword: Present

John is the host of this week's WeekWord, which is present.

May I be fully present in my life.
May I be fully present in the lives of my loved ones and in those of people I encounter.
May I be fully present in conversations, to listen well, to hear with love and to respond appropriately.

Leaf Necklace for Leaf Lady
by me

I like to make presents.  I would prefer to make something the recipient will like. Knowing what that is and being able to make it can be a challenge. I made this necklace for my friend, Leaf Lady. She loves leaves.  I did not make the beads. I simply chose them, purchased them, and strung them. (That was challenging enough for me--my hands aren't all that steady!!!)
I hope she likes it.

and here is my poem for the present:

The Present:  Unbounded Boundaries

The words you speak touch me with whispers,
whispers of beauty. Oh such delight. like sunshine,
sunshine on winter cheeks. To feel such bliss we must open,
open an inner eye to truly hear, to smell with synesthesia,
synesthesia of the soul, the way the words you speak
speak melodies inside my ears, like symphonies,
symphonies of singing birds, cacophony. Oh clatter of joy,
joy knows no bounds when we are bound,
bound to the moment, to attention, to truly
truly being here and now, now and here, fully present.
Present, the present, what a gift to touch,
to touch the blossoming present as it unfolds
unfolds into our hands and hearts if we but open
and see. Oh taste the music, oh smell the touch
touch these words, touch this love
love this life. Open.

This poem is dedicated to Pat Shekhar. The beginning of each line repeats the end word or words from the previous lines.

And here is Pat's story about the present.


John said...

Wonderful post Merry and I like the necklace, it looks great.

merrytait said...

Thanks, John. You came a little too early, I just added a poem.

John said...

Got it and absolutely BRILL!!