Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Moleskine Painting, SLOW PROGRESS

I decided to post my slow progress on Mike's book because I'm afraid I won't be ready to mail on the 15th,

Session 1

First I searched for reference photos.  Then, because the paper is so thin, I sprayed it, then drew on it with a white "soufflĂ©" pen. (I tried pencil and ballpoint, but they didn't show up.) I intentionally made Frankie and the animals proportionately a little extra big relative to the porch and door etc.

Session 2

I worked on the boy first.  He is my grandson,  Unfortunately, the ballpoint pen ink keeps coming through the paint, and unfortunately, I only used it on Frankie, on his face, legs and neck!!  :-(

Session 3
Frankie's face was too short in the beginning, but I overcompensated and made it too long.  This is a very slow process.  It will be a while before I finish it, and I have two collaborations to do--I started on one, but not on the other yet.  I've had some health issues and family crises (including a kid in jail, a kid with a concussion, etc).  But I am plugging away.


John said...

I don't know Mary how you manage with such a hectic life plus your health. I like your image, to me it looks great1

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, John. It's not done yet, by any means!!! I'd prefer a little less stress and fewer crises. (LOL, wouldn't we all!?!?! But when it rains, it pours!)