Monday, April 18, 2005


I hate sitting inside looking out at the sunshine and for no good reason. Except that there is one delay after another. Right now, I am waiting for Graham to come home. I won't go into all the earlier delays--they aren't worth the effort. It included laundry issues and computer issues and various wrong numbers and just plain stupid stuff.

While I was waiting for one issue to resolve, I did a little ego surfing, don't ask me why. I encountered this link: And there is the peregrine poster with one of my haiku. Cool. I do have to worry because links are not always permanent. I may put it in my weblog only to find later that it is gone. But for now, hurray!!

I like peregrines. I have been lucky enough to encounter a few in the wild. I like hawks in general. One time, when Bruce and I were out in Idaho doing horse research, we camped under a tree with a redtailed hawk nest at the top and a yellow warbler next at the bottom of the same tree.

I don't generally talk much about Bruce because I am with Keith and Bruce is with Debbie and n'er the twain shall meet. But Keith has pictures of Susan all over the house. And all her books and clothes and perfume and hair curlers and credit cards and cards he has given her. She's been dead well over two years. So if I want to mention Bruce occasionally, I guess that's OK.

Here is the haiku I wrote that is posted on the website:

Under tumbled black,

Liquid pigeons pour through sky,

Chased by peregrine.

In case the website disappears, I will also include the visual.

So, Graham finally arrives home--with a friend. He did not ASK if he could bring a friend. Now what? I wanted to OUT and walk because we are having company tonight and I won't be able to. Grrr!

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