Monday, April 18, 2005

"The Rest of the Story"

I was upset earlier today because we were expecting company--Neil, Laura and Rachel--at 6:00 PM. I did not know if we were supposed to serve them dinner and I did not understand why they had not called to accept or decline our invitation and did not know what to do. It turned out that they had called twice to accept and both times had given messages to Graham and he had neglected to pass them on and as a result, I had to run around attempting to create a dinner for company AFTER they arrived. I thought I did a reasonably good job (made shrimp (yum) and Italian friend zucchini (yum) and molasses cookies, but it was obvious we were unprepared. And because of this, I missed much of the company and was unable to play with Rachel who then shunned me and refused me kisses. I did not want her to be forced to kiss me because I hated that when I was a child. No one should force kisses on anyone.

Here are a couple of other opinions: people who wash their driveways have no lives and are wasting precious resources and probably should be shot (except that would be a waste of a good bullet).

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