Friday, July 28, 2006

Preparing for Icons and Images

Preparing for Icons and Images--click images t see larger.

Last night in my insomniac stupor, I made 4 separate pictures for thetitle "Beating the heat 13" and each time I thought I was done, butended up not being happy with it. I lay in bed (after 5 AM) thinkingof new ideas and was going to try some of them today, but decided Ineed to finish this up and get back to working on the house and Iwould use one of the four I'd already made.Then I made another "brand new picture" (a long-winded variation on avariation of an older one). It printed way dark and I could see someflaws and was going to keep working on it but remembered I need to getout of this house and get back to my sweeties, so I decided to stickwith the one I'd already done. In the future, I can modify it. If Iwant to.I framed them both, but they need to have holes drilled and be wired. These are pictures #12 and #13, the last on the list, but I have to go back and prepare some of the others for hanging.Still, slow progress is better than no progress! See At the Edge. Posted by Picasa

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