Friday, April 20, 2007

Where are my Bread Crumbs?

SWITCHED! Finally!

I wrote a new poem this morning. It's probably not good enough to ever be posted to AMARYPOEM or Twelve. So I am posting it here.

I just got switched, finally, to the New Blogger, but that may mean everything is all messed up, and I don't have time to fix it. It will have to stay messed up for a while!

I tried publishing this by hitting publish but it only went in as a draft.

Where are my Bread Crumbs?

I thought I’d reached a place of serene understanding,
once for a few hours or days, a loving equilibrium,
at the center of the teeter totter at the peak of Everest,
with the Maiden Tsar and the Baba Yaga perfectly balanced,
floating, bare feet dangling above the sunlit snow.
It was high summer and below, hand in hand, Persephone
and Demeter walked through wheat fields half green
half gold. The sun smiled and I smiled back. No hurricanes
struck for a moment, no tsunamis or draughts or wildfires.
But in the next moment, or day or week, they all hit
at once, flinging me back into the briar patch
in the center of the dark forest with no trail or light
where I still remain, lost, scratched and stuck.

Mary Stebbins Taitt
1st, 4/20/07, 070420

click image to view larger (artwork by me)(I'm an orphan now, at 60!)(Wahn!)

OK, this is the THIRD time I have published this--let me know if you can finally see it!


moo said...

Yep finally seen it. The pic seems even darker than I remembered it on BP but especially with the poem to go with it there is so much to imagine and dream about. I enjoy exploring pictures like this.

bluerose9062 said...

Oh! I get it now. I didn't see the wolves on the post at Imagik. I see them now. Scary!