Friday, August 22, 2008

2 new mole sketches (Madonna and Child, Power to the People!)

1)"Madonna and Child," "Paintastics," colored pencil, ink. I wasn't
crazy about those "Paintastics!" They were basically markers with a
brush and didn't seem to work well on the yellow slick Moleskine
paper, guess I'll try them on water color paper and see if they work
better there.

2)"Power to the People." Ink and colored pencil. Used metallic pencils
but they don't scan well. :-( (I seem to be good at discovering
things that do NOT work well.)(Wahn!)

I really enjoy looking over all the wonderful art--each Mole that
comes has more to see. So fun! (But feeling a little inadequte).
Clicking on these makes them a little bigger for viewing details.


coffeypot said...

The first one I though was someone just gutted a chicken; and the second one I had to check and make sure I had my glasses on. That's what I would see without them. But, alas, you know how art-challenged I am. I just see things differently than most everyone else on Earth.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks for all the great support, John! LOL!