Sunday, August 17, 2008

Garden Delights

Our vegetable garden is very small--as is our yard, and it is located
behind the garage between our garage and the neighbors where is
doesn't get much sunshine, And I never think to take pictures before
I harvest, so these were taken after I'd already harvested the ripe
tomatoes etc. The grape tomatoes are really tall and rangy, but the
fruit are candy-sweet. We have five varieties of tomatoes and three
of summer squash. We've already eaten lots of zucchinis and more are
ready. (Luckily, we love zucchini!)


BerryBird said...

Your grape tomatoes look wonderful! I guess I am biased towards those over the others because they look ripe and tasty.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

They are ripe and tasty--and those are the ones I was leaving for tomorrow--you should have seen the ones I picked (and already ate!) They were brilliantly red. They are so sweet.

I also picked and ate a smallish large tomato which was ripe and good, but not as good as the grape tomatoes--but can you see how TALL they are? Really tall! Hard to tell because they are so rangy. but the fence is very handy for tying them to--I've been using twisties.