Monday, September 01, 2008

More personality quizzes

Youniverse Mind TestYouniverse Mind Test
Youniverse Party TestYouniverse Party Test
Youniverse Travel TestYouniverse Travel Test
Youniverse Light My Fire TestYouniverse Light My Fire Test
Youniverse dating TestYouniverse dating Test
Youniverse Movies TestYouniverse Movies Test
I took some more of these tests. There were not always choices that suited me and the answers were sometimes way off--like my party thing! HUH? Where's they get that? I tried to choose laid back choices like talking and eating and listening to music, but some of them were too far out. As far as travel, I wanted to travel to almost all those places!

As far as movies go, I tried to pick things I thought I MIGHT like, as most of them I haven't seen (except Persepolis).

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