Monday, September 01, 2008

You Universe's view of ME (My visual "DNA")

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test
I took this test that was forwarded to me by Pam. It was fun to take, but in some instances, they didn't offer a choice that was right for me and I had to pick another. It was still fun and interesting, though, I enjoyed it and enjoyed the pictures they had for choices. You just pick the favorite of each group--the one most "you" and it gives you a new group and it doesn't take long.

I would have chosen a different bedroom than any they had. I like a dark cozy bedroom. I like lots of light during the day and lots of darkness at night. I chose the bedroom I did choose for its books. I would have chosen listening to music first choice in a really comfy chair in a dark cozy spot. The one I chose was my second choice. I like listening to music while I work. Also the art thing, I like manmade art, too, very much. But I couldn't resist the chambered nautilus!

This is a meme of sorts, and if you do it, let me know. I'm not tagging anyone except Coffeypot, because I know yr super busy. But it is interesting and fun.


coffeypot said...

I did it and was quiet please with my assessment. But I don't know how to post it. I'm computer literate – even though my parents were married when I was born.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Click on "get a widget", click on the shape you want (probably the first one) and some code will appear in the box on the right.

Click in the box. hit ctl-A (select all) then ctl-C (copy) and that will copy it.

Go to your blog and click "new post"

click "edit html" at the top right of the tan part of the window you type into.

then click ctl-V (paste) and then post. If you want to make comments, you have to do it in the html window.

Later, click compose to get back to the normal window.

It sounds like a lot but the whole thing will take less than 2 minutes.

moo said...

I did it and it was fun. I tried to get the widget but I can't get the code. It says I have to edit my profile which I did but maybe they don't like me as I didn't want to tick that I was looking for friends or anything so they won't give me a code. But I did have some the same as yours.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

That's a bummer that they wouldn't give you the code--they gave me mine without a problem--I did say I would accept friends but wasn't interested in romance.