Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sighs of annoyance and gasps of relief

It was sunny and 83 degrees and we decided to ride our bikes
Cranbrook, doing some errands on the way there and back. When we got
to Cranbrook, it had clouded up a little, and we parked the bikes in
the lower level in case of rain. We'd only walked about 6 minutes
when the rain hit, and shortly after it started, it hit HARD. We ran
back to the parking garage and had to move the bikes into the center
because so much rain was blowing in through the windows. We sat on
the bikes grousing and complaining because it had been such a nice day
when we left home. And we had a lot to do and could have been working
at Rolandale instead of sitting there doing nothing.

When the rain dwindled, we walked again, but I left my cameras locked
in the saddlebags because it was still raining and very dark to the
west. But repeatedly throughout the walk, I wished I'd had the
camera. Darn--it got sunny again! And no cameras, except the stereos
and small digitals.

It started darkening up again on the way home--we got sprinkled on twice.

We decided to stop by S & J's, but they were not at home. By that
time the sky was BLACK and an alarm came on at the golf course to
clear the course--storm warning. It started sprinkling, then raining,
but we rode out of it on the way home. But it was following us. When
we got to the driveway, it was right behind us. BB was frantically
trying to get the bikes in the garage. The car windows were open
too--it had been so nice when we left--the rain hit HARD while BB was
trying to shut the car windows and he dashed into the garage where I
was cowering already. He was giving the rain a two-handed salute of
anger that it couldn't have held off 1 more minute, when it started
hailing--hard--first about 1/4 inch, then a half inch and more, it was
pinging off the car and BB shut the garage door because it was
bouncing on on us--richotcheting. Some was ice and some was like
snow, like wadded hunks of snow (softer than the ice pellets and
faster to melt when it hit.)

BB got wet--I got somewhat wet too, but instead of being angry at the
rain for catching us a minute too soon, I was relieved that the hail
didn't catch us out on the bikes!!!! it was only a minute or two
behind the rain and we barely made it.

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