Saturday, December 19, 2009

Turkey Cauliflower Brussels Sprouts soup

Turkey Cauliflower Brussels Sprouts soup with mushrooms, 5 spice powder and a hint of curry

per portion:

1 cup turkey broth left from Thanksgiving (or substitute chicken broth
1/4 c cauliflower, cut ito small florets--be sure to eat some raw while working)
2 Brussels sprouts, sliced thin
1/8 c chopped fresh mushrooms
a small handful of fresh baby spinach
1 T rolled oats, barley, pastina or spaghetti broken in small pieces, or cooked wild rice, or raw minute rice
3 oz turkey chunks or sliced sandwich turkey cut in pieces
dash salt
dash black pepper dash cayenne (opt)
dash curry powder
dash 5 spice powder (or cinnamon, cloves, ginger etc)
1 t balsamic vinegar or 2 t white wine
dash garlic powder (or better yet, mince garlic, onions onions or shallots and saute quickly in a t of olive oil)

saute garlic etc, if using fresh (best that way), pour in one cup broth per person, turn burner to high, then lower to low as soon as it begins to simmer.  Add ingredients in the order given.  This soup is ready in about 5 minutes.  And very good.

To thicken broth. add a rounded teaspoon of flour per cup of broth to the wine or balsamic, and stir in the paste near the end.


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