Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the love affair with email ends

I used to get so much email--and now I just mostly, with a few wonderful exceptions, get junk mail and forwards. The majority of people seemed to have tired of it and either moved on to texting (I don't get texting--so much effort for so little reward) and/or facebook and/or real lives. (the same can also be said for snail mail--I almost never get a real letter any more), telephone calls and blogging, which also seems to be dropping off, though not as quickly.)

Moving on to real life is wonderful--as long as it's a happy life and not one of overwhelming commitments and exhaustion.

Where have you gone off to? I hope all is well in your world. If you're actually online and have time--leave a comment and let me know what you're doing instead of emailing, writing, calling or blogging. Maybe you just don't love me any more. I guess I may have to learn to live with that possibility. Old folks like me seem to have fewer friends than we had when we were younger!


henniemavis said...

I'm still here :-) I have told you why I don't email you much anymore... I got out of the habit at the time in your life where everytime I did email you, I got an Auto-Reply saying you were away & would be too overwhelmed by too much email to respond! Those kinds of replies discouraged me back then to keep in touch by email, then I just got out of the habit.

Now that I blog, you can come to me for info. when you want it, instead of me bombarding you when you are away or overhwhelmed. I can't wait to really do something freakish -- visit you IN PERSON! This fall, coming soon, YAY!

henniemavis said...

And I try to be good about emailing back when you email, tho I confess that I don't respond to every single message... but I do respond to many, especially the ones that really grab my attention, HA!

(That was me who just deleted a prior comment. I saw a type-O. Anal me, had to fix it. HA!)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

YYAY! You are one of the wonderful exceptions, of course.

I had to put that auto-replies on because people were writing me frantic notes saying things, I emailed you three times and you didn't get back to me blah blah when I was away and not online.

If I am not online, I do get way behind.I don't know how to get around that.