Saturday, June 12, 2010

reading, so far today

so far today I have read parts of 5 books!
  1. Unaccustomed Earth
  2. Saving Cinnamon
  3. Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer (John Grisham)
  4. The truth about Lord Stoneville
  5. Creating Characters Kids will love (a nonfiction how to in creative writing for kids.)
A man named Keith who is setting out on a 2800-mile bike tour to visit his 96-year old grandfather in Florida is coming here in a little while.  I am going to give him my smallest back-packing tent for the trip.  I've never met him--he advertised on Freecycle for a tent.  Graham hasn't seemed interested in it, and I won't be backpacking and each of you has a partner and we have 4 other tents. (Though I think we will be also giving away the smallest of the remaining ones--to Rachel).

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