Wednesday, February 02, 2011


The blizzard wasn't all that blizzardiscious, but there was a snowstorm. The first thing I did this morning, before breakfast or yoga or anything else was put on my windpants and warm Harley boots and go out and shovel.  I cleaned half (a narrow path)) along the walk to the front door first, and partially shoveled the front porch, so that the mailman and package carriers could get to us. Then I attacked the snow at the end of the drive, heavy and hard from the plow. Phew! I soon discovered that in spite of it being 16 degrees F, I was dressed too warmly!!

Then, I made a path to the back door, which is the door we actually use, so we and our regular guests could go in and out without wading.  Then, I shoveled the driveway up to the door so my sweetie could get his car in when he comes home.  By this time, I was hot, sweaty and tired.  I had shoveled for 32 minutes and decided to take a break.

That's maybe less than half the driveway, so I will be out shoveling again later and then I need to shovel at the office.  I won't need to walk for exercise!!!

I'm already starting to have issues between our house and Deeana's with the Angle Of Repose.


More shoveling:  I went out a couple hours later--it had snowed 2 more inches--I re-shoveled everything I'd already shoveled, widened the sidewalk to the front door, shoveled the porch more, and then started toward my car which is in the back of the driveway. I shoveled 22 more minutes and decided that was enough for now.  Puff pant.  ML, Mary Louise, My mother-in-law, says I shouldn't shovel because I'm too old and might have a heart attack.  But PB left without more than a grunt and no offer to shovel.  If he did offer, he'd probably want to be paid.  (Who's paying ME?)

The car is still snowed in--snowbound--which means I am trapped if there's an emergency.  But I don't want to bring an emergency on by shoveling too far past the comfort point.

3:30 PM, just back in from another 31 minutes of shoveling snow and the driveway at home is still not cleaned off.  And I haven't even started at the office yet.  85 minutes so far!    The first thing I had to do is re-shovel what I'd already shoveled.  It is, though, gloriously pretty!  And lots of good healthy exercise, though ML called again and is worried I'll have a heart attack.  I don't feel like I'm in danger . . .


John said...

I´m coming out is a cold sweat just thinking about all your hard work!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I did not finish and now it's snowing again--hard!!!

bluerose said...

Wow! and everybody here in Houston is complaining, because it's dipped down into the 20's two days in a row, and we're having rolling blackouts. We'd really be in trouble if we had that kind of snow.