Monday, February 07, 2011


Junebug is hosting the WeekWord this week:  cynosure:  a guide, a center of attention, the tail of the dog, a comic book city in a bubble. Cynosure is not a word in my daily vocabulary.  But it relates to the title of my blog,No Polar Coordinates.  The Pole Star, or North star, Polaris, is a guide for mariners and hikers, but this is an unthemed blog of ramblings and thoughts, art and photos, etc,, thus the name.

I worked as a planetarium director for many years, and as a solo hiker on trail-less mountains.  The pole star is important to me.

Creativity is another cynosure in my life.

Cynosures for me:  Love, honesty, the environment, honoring commitments.  I have no time to think right now.

I will sign up for the WeekWord if time allows. (Unfinished post)


John said...

Wow, what an interesting and fascinating person you are.

bluerose said...

some very interesting takes on the word. you hiked alone on trail-less mountains? wow! I tend to get lost on the ones with trails. of course, being dyslexic doesn't help. do you hike at night? is that a silly question? I'm just a novice hiker.