Monday, July 18, 2011

Giveaway Close-up #1: Still-life with Last Leaf of Autumn and Julyathon (not really)

I am doing a Pay-it-Forward Giveaway. I will be giving away 6 cards, 3 to the first place winner and 3 to the second. You can sign up for it here. You must agree to offer a small gift of your own in return--not to me but to someone else.

This is one of the six cards I am offering. It is titled "Still Life with the Last Leaf of Autumn" and is a digital watercolor done on my iPad in Artrage. If you click on the image, you can see it larger. Or, see a close-up of the art here.

The first place winner will choose three cards from the 6 and the second place winners will receive the other three. The winners will be picked by a random number generator. Each comment will be assigned a number.

I am hoping my little offerings will delight somebody.

As far as Julyathon, I've exercised--walked, run, or biked, or combination, every day so far in July. I just haven't had time to post about it.

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