Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two new sketchbook pieces and the card giveaway note

I got some new pens from Andrea--0h goodie--for participating in her collaboration challenge on Something Different. I love those blue energels. I doodled a little doodle first in the back of my Round ONE Mole--which still has some blank pages. Once I got a feel for them, I did a collaborative piece for Ammon. I have one more piece to do in Andrea's Mole, sorry it's taking so long--but it's a good thing I did not take the mole with me, because we got POURED ON camping and everything got soaked!!!! These came out in the wrong order. The collaboration is on top. The doodle to try out the pens is on the bottom. Both images enlarge if you click on them. The doodle enlarges to bigger than it is in real life, at least on my screen.

The Card Giveaway I am going to try to do tomorrow. If nothing goes wrong. So far, something has gone wrong every single day for a whole string of days, but maybe tomorrow will be an exception.

By the way, the collaborative piece is intended for Ammon, but if anyone else would like to play, I'd love to see what you might do with this.


John said...

Nothing stops you Mary. Well done and great work as usual.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, John! :-D