Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Self portrait and Two new "stories"

I joined cowbird, which is a place for personal stories. 

I needed a picture of myself so I created this self-portrait:

Self portrait with Self Portrait
I wrote two short pieces in cowbird, one of them linked to someone else's story I had just read:

Sun-Warmed Soil

Spring came early and I worry about galloping global warming as I get out my seeds and little starter pots. I rake the leaves out of the gardens so the new seedlings won’t be buried by robins scratching and put them in the compost, to haul back to the gardens when they get established.

Once I had a garden that was solid clay, baked ceramic hard and impossible to dig.  The shovel bounced off the ground as if it were rock. I dumped a load of sand on it and multiple loads of leaves and manure.  I had goats and chickens then, no shortage of fertilizer.  Finally, I had a great garden with fat ears of sweet corn and huge pumpkins—and then I had to move.

Now, with the smells of moist, sun-warmed soil and the wonderful texture of freshly greening grass massaging my bare feet, I study my new gardens, the snowdrops and aconites already gone by, the tulips, daffodils and hellebores resplendent.  Hoping the neighbors aren’t watching, I dance a little jig.

Late Worms

We walked a quarter of a mile from home to the bus stop, and on rainy days, the bus would honk and honk for me to hurry, because all the other kids had run up to get out of the rain, but I was dawdling, picking up worms off the road and moving them to dry ground so they wouldn't be run over by cars.

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