Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Work

The Misunderstanding
Benny and the Brontosaurus
And a brand new first draft poem originally written on Cowbird:

Into the Flames by Mary Stebbins Taitt ·

 How does a heart - tired, traveled, and toughened - find its way home?

I look for the trail back to the person I was, once, smiling, innocent, sweet,

but the trail is grown up with briars and Russian olive, a thicket as sharp and impenetrable as the past.

What I see is a gauntlet of memories, of terrors and nightmares,

I know I have to run back through that horror to find the seed of the child that lived in the heart that was mine.

I have to unravel the barbed wire strands like the maiden who wove sweaters of nettles until her hands bled.

I have to bleed again and again inside, to take that path back to my heart. Am I strong enough,

courageous enough? I raise one foot step into the flames, and howl.

My heart calls back to me, a small cry, like that of a newborn.

 Mary Stebbins Taitt for Sara Nics, Frankie the K and Brian P "sprouted" from a story by Sara Nics 120327-1538-1st

This did not come out right.  See it on cowbird.


John said...

Love the art and the words, so true Mary, so hard to find the innocence of who we once were.......

merrytait said...

Thanks so much, John! I appreciate your kindness. And I want to be a kinder, gentler person!