Thursday, January 17, 2013

Garrett's Broken Arm

Garrett's Broken Arm
acrylic on water color paper
in Round 3 Moleskine
click image to view larger.

This is my latest painting in my round 3 returned Moleskine.  It is an illustration from a serial novel in progress, Discovery at Little Hog Island.  It's an adult novel, in spite of the fact that these are children, but I may also use the illustration if I ever finish it, for a children's novel. I know it's imperfect, and I may work on it more later, but I have to quit for now.

I'm hoping to post the novel here, serially, but haven't had time.  If I actually DO IT, you may see this image, or an updated one again at some point in the future.

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John said...

Great energy Mary, I think I may have read some of your hog island story already? I never seen the end of the mushroom story........ :)