Sunday, February 09, 2014

Fun and Me-time

Two cards I made this morning for a friend
(They are very tiny)
I love making cards.

Fun (Time for me)

One of my recent goals in the goal track was to think about fun, so my challenge today was to do that.

Here are some of the things are think are fun:

Writing (when I want to),
Writing poems
Writing stories
Working on a novella or novel
(I often really enjoy it, but sometimes, it seems too much like work (a chore) to be called fun)
Painting, drawing, doing art
Reading a good book
Walking in nature (when the conditions aren’t too stressful—like, no ice!)
Chatting with my husband or a friend
Eating and/or walking with my husband or a friend
Shamanic Journeying
Visiting new places/travel
Taking pictures/
Working on Photoshop
Making gift cards (if I don’t do too many at once—then it seems like work and not fun!)
Listening to live music
Listening to good music on the radio

I do believe that balancing fun and relaxation with work and accomplishments is healthy and good.  Too much of either is not so good.  I am lucky that some of my work is also fun.

Scheduling fun seems like a chore and not much fun.

I hereby schedule myself to go to a DSS (Detroit Stereographic Society) meeting Wednesday IF the weather is appropriate to drive all that way, and I schedule myself the time to prepare some entries for the competition TODAY and to do some painting after dinner Monday night (or if there turns out to be a conflict, the first available evening.)

Too much scheduling of ANYTHING is not fun for me (because then I feel pressured and overwhelmed.)

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