Friday, February 07, 2014

The Angle of Repose

Shoveling snow
with no place to put it.
Photo by Keith Taitt
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I've been studying the angle of repose.

That's the angle at which a pile of any material becomes too steep to stay piled. In my case, the material is snow.  We have an issue of lack of space. Between the street and the sidewalk and between the edge of the driveway and the house next door, no more snow can be piled. The angle of repose is now so steep that any new snow added slides back into the driveway, sidewalk or road.  We have to find somewhere else to put the snow.  Each shovelful must be carried to some spot where the piles are not so tall.  

The driveway runs through a narrow space between two houses.
I had my last "official" day of goal-setting and posted about it here.  I am probably not done with the process yet (if I ever will be).

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