Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The last one

I just put a load of darks in the dryer after removing a load of lights.  I'm hoping it will be the last load of laundry I do in the Kimbrook house before I leave.  I was hoping the visit to my Mom yesterday will be the last visit before I move and the lawn mowing Keith did Sunday will be the last lawn mowing before we're gone from here.  I had also hoped the shopping I did a while ago would be the last, but unless a miracle happens, I may need to buy more food--one day at a time.  Of course with each passing day, there'll be more dirty laundry--I just took off a set.  I can take them with me, if I don't run out.  Still, any day now, each thing I do will be last thing I do here.  And that is happy and that is sad.  Mostly, at this point, I am eager to go.

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