Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Not Ducks, Bunnie! (Braces)

Tonight, we had an orthodontist consultation for Piano Boy’s braces. The whole thing was confused, upset and delayed by Piano Boy having had his bicycle stolen. He says he has it locked to Houston’s bike and that they took both.

The doctor had plaster casts, photographs and X-rays of Piano Boy’s face mouth and teeth. It was all little strange and weird. The plaster casts of his teeth reminded me of those ducks and other strange creatures that artist Tim Burke made at Heidelberg. The photos of the teeth and X-rays were a little gruesome. And there were diagrams, drawings and technical terms. I asked what the consequences of doing nothing would be, just to see what he's say and he was really articulate about explaining the pros and cons. The consequences of getting braces but not keeping your teeth clean could be worse than not getting them all at, which worries me because we can hardly get Piano Boy to brush his teeth even when nagging him.
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