Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Artwork: Nora's Entry

Nora is a Dermatologist whose office is at the corner of Mack and Moran and I walk by it nearly every day. I love seeing her flowers and I poked my head in and took a picture of them the other day, and made this piece from that picture. It is done with Faber-Castel PITT artist pens, pigment markers and pens, and a few other pigment pens. I was trying to capture the delicate range of hues that showed up in the flower photograph that to the eye in person were primarily white, yellow and pinkish, but unfortunately, the pens simply do not have the rage of hues needed so I had to do the best I could with the selection I had. I think watercolor paints, which can be mixed and diluted, might have worked better, but this coated yellow paper does not work well for me with water color--they tend to bead up and leave lots of little dots and look uneven and ugly. Maybe someone else can do it, but I can't seem to. So, this is my best effort to use the actual paper in the book rather than pasting something in. I probably should attempt to make pieces that don't refer to something real so that I won't be so disappointed by the results. I worked on this every day for 6 days, during and after meals and when I took a break from working on my Fellowship application. The intense concentration of studying each petal and subtle hues on it was a welcome break from studying each word in my application, and I discovered that working on it relieved my headaches that I got from the Fellowship application work, which was good.

Click the image to view it larger.


henniemavis said...

Hooray for your fellowship application! Hope it's going well... it's due tomorrow, right? You'd better stop blog surfing & button up that app, HA! :-)

Great news about your children's book making the second tier in a contest... what's the prize?

Love this pigment drawing, btw. I didn't get a chance to comment on the Mole site yet. Not many posts lately, so I was waiting to do a sweep of comments, once others post some things.

It's funny, once I started my own blog, I thought I would mostly post art... but it hasn't turned out that way, ironically. I have done 2 abstract comics (Anders influence, one is in your mini-Mole) & I'm working on a little Post-It animated flipbook too. Fun stuff. But instead, I'm posting about music, rooster whacking, snowy weather & sauerkraut. Go figure!

Re: Blogger, I thought Blogger seemed harder & more limited... plus don't they limit your number of posts, then charge you or you have to start a new blog? Like Flickr... I haven't decided what to do there. I am close to my 200 image limit (which is why I don't post much there & have even deleted some images), not sure if I should purge to keep it free, pay the meager $24 to upgrade to a Pro account & get unlimited images or just start a new Flickr site altogether & link the old one to it (like Steve did with Blogger)? It's great that we have so many choices... you like Blogger, I try WordPress, choices are great!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

After you have posted a really ENORMOUS number of pictures, you have to pay for some space or get a new blog or new identity. Isn't that also true of Wordpress, only with a lot FEWER pix?

I started out with both kinds of blogs and slowly moved just to blogger. But choices ARE good. For sure.

And I DO have to get back to work.

Anonymous said...

its wonderful..

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Shraddha!!! :-D YAY!