Monday, March 29, 2010

new sketch of BB

And here is my latest little sketch in my little 5 x 8 Moleskine sketchbook, done last night at the Coney on Mack and Moross. BB of course.

It's on the inside cover and flyleaf of the sketchbook. Click image to view larger. This is done in ballpoint pen and gouache on waxy yellow paper. I'm sorry I'm so far behind. I may have to give up blogging. I'll try to catch up if I get time, hopefully soon.


Henniemavis said...

I smiled where you say you may have to "give up blogging." I am finding I may have to LIMIT my online time, in order to achieve other goals I want also... but I won't be able to give up blogging completely. It's just too much FUN. I spent as much time reading others as I do working on my own. That's the time issue, right there!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I sink way too much time into asll aspects of blogging--it takes time away from other projects. One of my blogs is a "daily" blog--bad idea! :-(