Wednesday, June 06, 2012



Alex Noble wrote a grand, hilarious tongue-in-cheek story about overwhelm, which brought to mind my overwhelmedness.
HS to me: "Do you ever get up in the morning and realize there is no way you can even make a DENT in you to-do list?"
Me: "Ever f-ing day!"
HS thinks this is funny.
I don't. :-( (Boo hoo!)
Something is wrong with the way I live. I always have too much to do.
(So why then am I writing a cowbird piece? It's an escape from the great weight of all that STUFF!)
Me, to Shrink #1: "I have too much to do."
Shrink #1 to me: "We can't talk about that, everyone is busy. We need to talk about important things."
Me to Shrink #1: "Bye. It hasn't been nice knowing you."
Me, to Shrink #2: "I have too much to do."
Shrink #2: "Why are you keeping yourself so busy?"
Me: "I'm afraid. Boredom has a large mouth and a lot of long sharp teeth."


John said...

Very interesting Mary!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

thanks John. I am feeling unenlightened again, LOL!

Anonymous said...

HA HA! You honestly didn't think it was funny? ...but it's so nice to have a friend who could understand my sense of futility... & with such verbal fervor, HA! (still chuckling as I remember the moment)

I love us both in our shared lives of overwhelmedness!

merrytait said...

Yes, it was VERY funny when you SAID it--but not so funny when I am suffering from it. Do you know what I mean--it was hilarious then. And DARK and upsetting sometimes.



I think you know what I mean!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, dark humor is definitely what it was :-) (HA HA HA, waaaahhh.)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

perfect! Ha ha ha WaaahhhH!