Saturday, April 13, 2013

Collabs, first half

2 half collabs
Mary Stebbins Taitt first halves

half collab for Ballookey
Mary Stebbins Taitt first half

half collab for Aya
Mary Stebbins Taitt first half

I did Two more half-collabs this morning, and I did them together so that Aya, Ballokey and I can to a three-way collaboration.

Feel free to draw, mark or paint OVER any portion of what I did to make the wings bigger, add a damsel in distress, add flying teradactyls, or hunters with nets or approaching vampires or whatever.  Add clouds, change the color of the sky, alter the articulation of the wing bones, whatever you want--fix any mistakes.

And the same goes for the collabs I left for Mike and Andrea--too bad I didn't put those together, too.  For another three way.

Make yourself at home.  Have fun!

This is my last piece and I am hoping to mail today, but I think the post office closes at 2 and if I don't make it,t hen it won't go out until Monday.  Seems unlikely I can make it by 2:00--DANG!

Well, anyway, hopefully it will be on it's way Monday to Mike, then.  WAHN--I'd hope to mail it today.

If I remember, I will post the completed collabs later, when they are done.


John said...

Great image Mary, something to get one's teeth into............:)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! Ha ha ha! You're a card, John, cute! :-D