Thursday, April 18, 2013

mini-misadventure in the rain

Hellebore in Rain
digitally altered photo
by me, from my backyard

I was too sick to go to Syracuse today, April 18, for my award and to visit my children, grandson and friends.  I had to stay home, and I was sad and feeling sorry for myself. (I have to admit to doing a little crying.)

Because I hadn't been planning on being in Detroit, I had to go to the store for food,.  I took a couple ibuprofens (not something I normally do when not "sick") and went out to walk to the store with my backpack--halfway there, a torrential downpour started.  It had been HOT earlier, in the seventies, which is hot for April in Detroit.  But the rain cooled it off, thank goodness, about ten degrees to 65.

I huddled under a bare tree, trying to stay under a large branch, but it was raining hard and the wind kept shifting.  (The rain felt COLD).

Finally, it let up a little and I walked the rest of the way to the store in the rain.  Not light rain, but not like standing under Niagara.  I was wearing a T-shirt (no jacket) and no hat etc, because of the heat earlier.

I was pretty wet when I got to the store, but they had the heat cranked up in there for some reason.  So I did my shopping--I kept looking out as I passed the door.  The rain stopped.  I was relieved, but when I went through the line and got to the door, it was pouring again.

I went to the back door and stood in the covered back entry waiting for the rain to let up--and when it let up a little, I clutched the bags as shut as I could and ran home in the rain.  I'm WET.

I am smiling, though, because it is the kind of "mini-adventure" (if you could call it that) that normal, healthy people have.

It makes me feel half-human again.  It--oddly--gave me hope!  I also feel slightly better--two ibuprofens helped.  Sometimes it doesn't help much.


John said...

Great image Mary and thank you for sharing your story.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, John!! :-D