Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My poem
made into a poster.

Suddenly flowered
dresses everywhere. Hurray!
The snow has melted!

The poster that was made by Jennifer Theiller from my haiku is being featured this week (the week of April 30, 2013 only) by the Syracuse Poster Project.  Here is what they say:

In light of the beautiful weather we've been experiencing, we thought we'd celebrate the wonderful fashions of spring. This week's poster, about the melting of snow and blossoming of floral patterns, comes from the 2002 series. This week, you can buy it at a discount at our on-line store.
 Women in Floral Dresses   
Suddenly flowered
dresses everywhere. Hurray!
The snow has melted!

Poet Mary Taitt drew inspiration for this haiku from the "blossoming" of women in the spring. After witnessing women and young girls transform with the change of the seasons, Taitt gave a nod to the spring fever that takes over closets. 

Artist Jennifer Theiller focused on the imagery of floral dresses. Her dislike of snow set her up for this haiku about melting. After finding different prints from old catalogues, she created this beautiful image to honor the many dresses of spring.
An 11 x 17 poster on quality poster stock is $18 (on sale this week) and the money goes to support The Poster Project. The Poster Project partners SU art students with community poets and puts art and poetry in the city.  You can learn more about the Poster Project here.


jo(e) said...

That describes EXACTLY what was happening on campus today -- a beautiful warm day, the last day of classes, and suddenly, dresses everywhere.

John said...

Well done Mary, you captured the mood of Spring perfectly!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, jo(e) and John!!! You guys both ROCK (and you would probably like each others)