Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Role Model(s)

The Teeth of Joy II
digitally altered watercolor painting
originally done for yesterday's challenge
for John Gibson
click image to view larger.

Today's goal setting assignment is to list 5 qualities you admire in a role model.

Describe your success role model by writing down 5 qualities you admire about this person.

How to do it
Write down the name of one person - you don't even have to know him or her personally - whose level of success you admire. Jot down at least five qualities that make this person successful. Is he known for getting to work early? Does she practice certain habits, such as meditation or exercise, daily? Did he take big risks when starting out in his career?

I think they mean one role model for all five of the qualities.  Since following instructions is not my strong suite, I want to list qualities from several people:

The Buddha:  Serenity

Jesus:  love and compassion

Mother Theresa:  Loving compassionate service

Margaret Atwood:
  1. intelligence
  2. perception
  3. knowledge
  4. humor
  5. hard work (writing and publishing good novels)*
*I would like to be able to write and publish good novels.

Another quality I admire is responsibility, that is, being on time and doing the job one needs to do.  I have someone in mind but would prefer not to name that person.  I also have someone in mind who exhibits the opposite tendencies, and would also prefer not to name that person.  (I do not mean myself).  The contrast between the two is astounding, and I want to be on the continuum closest to the one who is good at being responsible!

I could go on and on with people I admire and the things I admire about them--many names are popping into my head.  I could list many other writers I admire (Barbara Kingsolver, for example and many others), and artists I admire, and kind people I admire.  However, the challenge only asked for one person and 5 qualities, so I shall practice at least a modicum of restraint and stop now.


John said...

A great list Mary.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much, John. :-D :-D <3