Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wish List for 2014

Robin 1-13-14
Pier Park
Photo by Mary Taitt
digitally manipulated with oil point filter
(click image to view larger)

OK, my next goals-track challenge is to make a wish list for 2014:

Write a wish list for the next year.

How to do it
Spend a minute making an uncensored list of everything you want in your life for the next year. On the list, include your desires for your health, money, friendships, romantic relationships, career, and hobbies. Circle the top two things you'd like to achieve. Are there steps you can take to make them a reality?
Daily Challenge
Why it matters
Thinking about how you'd like your year to go helps you clarify your goals, and making a list makes them that much more real. Once you've picked the two that are most meaningful to you, you can begin to identify the concrete, measurable actions you need to take. After all, every big success comes only after many mini ones.

Okay, this should be fun! It says UNCENSORED!

So that means I can write down everything I want, even if it's absurd, right?

My uncensored wish list:

I want radiant good health!
I want world peace!
I want happiness, joy and serenity.
I want abundant love and friendship.
I want satisfaction and fulfillment.
I want to finish Uncertain Weather, at least a first draft.
I want to finish AND PUBLISH (at least at Shutterfly) Frankie and Noah Have a Party.
I want to prepare for NaNoWriMo 2014 even if I don't do it.
I want to COMPLETE my projects.  Large and small.
I want to get Frog Haven ready to send out again.
I want to sleep well at night and wake well in the morning and be alert during the day. I would like to be free from insomnia.
I want to be able to sing.
I want to have less pain pain and suffering for myself and others.
I want meaningful conversation.
I want time with others (love and friendship, real face time) balanced with positive solitude and working time.
I would like to balance working time with relaxation.
I would like to worry less.  ("What, me worry?")
I would like to feel less overwhelmed. (Sleeping better might help with that.)
I want ecological health for the world.

OK, I am identifying three things, not two:  HEALTH, COMPLETION and LOVE/FRIENDSHIP.

Here comes the procrastination part, though.  I am working on health.  Need to continue working and take further steps.  And I am working on friendship/love, although my tiredness and pain-induced crankiness doesn't help.

What I need to do for the next step in completing Uncertain Weather is to reread it, a major project, since I've gotten out of touch over the holidays.  And I do not want to start the next painting for Frankie and Noah until the next Mole arrives--OR--until I finish my gift cards, anyway.  I am way behind on that.

There were flocks of robins at Pier Park the day before yesterday.  I know they stay all winter, but seeing them still represents hope to me.


a/k/a Nadine said...

These are interesting exercises. I just jotted a brief wishlist in my notebook with 8 items. I won't be sharing it on my blog though because I would have to censor it by removing at least 4 of the items. Thank goodness for journals, right?!?

John said...

A comprehensive list Mary. I wish you well not only with the top 3 but will all of them. The Robin image is vibrant and beautiful.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL Nadine!!! FUNNY! I have some censorable wishes as well. Tee hee. I love journals.

Thanks John several times over. :-D