Thursday, May 04, 2006

More Murphy

It eventully stopped raining and I went out to mow after waiting a while for it to dry a little
and it IMMEDIATLY began raining, but I was eager to mow so I went in and got a jacket and hat and then it started totally pouring


I am making some supper then--apple maple chicken sausage stirfry with brocoli, mushroms, yellow squash

then I will trya gain.  Or I'll have to go out and walk.

I love to walk, but I wanted to get the lawn mowed.

I have been invited to show at an all digial show and am starting a new website for that purpose.  It is called DIIMAGIK.  That's pronounced DEE-Ih-MAH-GIK, with the Dee-and the IH being slurred together.  DEE-Imagik, like imagination.

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