Sunday, May 07, 2006

Triggering steer memories

A steer like this cow figures in one of my (yet unpubished) children's novels! (Over the Edge). The incident in the book was based on a true story about a long horn cow in with some non long horns at a ranch where I lived in Idaho. The steer was getting meaner and meaner! One day we were having dinner at the rancher's house and he said, "how do you like your steaks?" And I said, "fine," and he said, "you'e eating the Longhorn!" I felt a little sad. I was so affected by it that I put it in the story. Of course every steak is a cow, but I knew that one personally. LOL!

The novel was one of the ones lost when Dead's hard drive died. I still have the drive--hope I can get it back.

Nice picture! Mary :-)

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