Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A love-hate relationship with camping

Things I love about camping:

  1. cudddling in a cocoon of tent
  2. waking up and already being there
  3. nature: flowers, trees wind
  4. great scenery
  5. the cut-wood, carry-water simplicity of the day
  6. new things to explore
  7. hiking, walking
  8. a change of scene
  9. photo ops
  10. water (lakes, rivers, streams)
  11. fun camp food, toasting marshmallows
  12. fun activities (kayaking, canoeing, etc)
  13. relaxing
  14. family togetherness
  15. rubbing my feet in the sand
  16. building sand castles and making sand sculptures
  17. looking at things closely, contemplating
  18. no phone calls, email or other outside disturbances
Things I hate about camping:
  1. mosquitoes
  2. black flies
  3. stable flies
  4. deer flies
  5. horse flies
  6. house flies and bottle flies, stinging bees and wasps
  7. sunburn, sunburn sickness
  8. my inability to sleep well and increasing tiredness
  9. the fact that I can't eat Some Mores or ice cream because of my allergies
  10. loud radios and loud talk past bedtime
  11. headlights through the tent at one AM
  12. being perpetually dirty
  13. smoke in my face
  14. ashes and dirt in my food
  15. blisters
  16. bad weather
  17. LONG waits at the border crosssings
We're back safe from our camping trip to the Pinery.

Hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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