Thursday, May 04, 2006

Murphy at work

It is was warm verging on HOT and sunny all the time while I was wrapping presents, calling the nursing home, sending of trust statements, taling to Shel Little about my new show, Icons and Images, etc. FINALLY I got out to mow and tugged and tugged on the mower and got it going and started mowing and didn't a huge black cloud immediately appear on the horizon! 20 minutes later, it was pouring! HUGE drops, fast an hard, bouncing and steaming off the road, coming in sheets like blizzard, blowing and tumblinf down. I tried to keep mowing even as my clothes were instantly glued to my skin, but when the lightning and thunder started, I am in. Soaked. I only got the front quarter on Incllination mowed and up abot 20 feet on the Sextant side and part of the back mowed. Lot more still to go. The rain has waned and it's amlost sunny (though cloudy) but the thunder is still rumbling all around.

I was watching the crabapple and redbud blossoms against the black sky wishing I could stop for a picture!!! But was trying desperately to get some mowing under my belt before I had to quit.

Mowing bothers my fibromyalgia more than walk and gives me asthma and makes me sad (I hate mowing down flowers!) The noise really bothers and upsets me (like vacuum cleaner noise.) I'll be grateful when I don't have to do that any more. YAY! Wedding, June 10!


moo said...

Eeeeek - listen to the weather forecast for tomorrow and just do it. Sounds like it might take a day or so to dry off though. Have you got daisies in your lawn? It is tough doing must do's when you want to do fun do's!!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I have daisies, tons of violens, veroica, forgetme-nots and tons of other flowers and I hate mowing them!!!! WAHN!

ey, thanks for commenting! I haven't been writing on here lately, too busy.