Monday, December 11, 2006

9/20/94 Headed West Alone

9:04 AM I just got my first glimpse of the mountains—mountains with snow on them. I saw my first oil well, my first magpie, and earlier, my first sagebrush! Sagebrush, cattle-lands, wide expanse of sky. Windmills at cattle waterers. A run-down look to the outbuildings, worn-weary in all that expanse of tan. Plains running up toward the still-distant mountains. 10:04 AM I stopped at an overlook where I saw the flatirons. I feel like I am coming home. I feel as if these mountains live in my heart even if I don’t live in them and probably never will—even though I’d like to.2:53 PM I am up in the mountains! YAY! It’s raining, not hard yet, but looks like it will. I am having nervous fits about where I will stay. Posted by Picasa

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