Friday, December 08, 2006

wheat wheat, crunch crunch

That's what Keith says, "Wheat wheat, crunch crunch." That's what he said yesterday, anyway. Wheat wheat is the sound the wind pants make brushing one leg past the other. Crunch crunch is the sound of the crampons on ice. It's winter here, never mind the calendar. It's very cold. The sidewalks--yes sidewalks --AK--are very icy. Yesterday, we walked together. Tonight, I walked alone. Some of the longest 45 minutes ever, as the wind literally whistled around me and I counted the minutes 'til I could turn around and go back and the blocks one by one to get home. Counting the schools and churches, watching for the rock at the corner that signifies just one block left before I can turn onto our road and go home. Walking used to be one of my favorite things in the whole world, but walking alone at night on icy winter sidewalks just isn't the same as a walk in the woods.

It is nice though, that this house is starting to feel like home to me, that I look forward not only to the warmth of the house, but better yet, the warmth of my husband. HUSBAND. I never thought I'd have another husband!

Yesterday we got our first Christmas card and today we got our second (thanks, Sam and Joan!). I haven't even started working on ours at all yet. We haven't decorated anything, but we have purchased some gifts. At least that's something. And I have already given away my very first Christmas gift today, but it wasn't wrapped because the person I gave it to arrived a little earlier than I expected (which was fine except no wrapping paper).

Keith is asleep in bed. I can't go to bed because the turkey I am roasting for turkey soup and sandwiches for tomorrow still isn't done, for some odd reason. Hope it's not dried out. I'm going to go check it again--now.

The blogger post failed while I was downstairs checking the turkey. It was done, finally, now, hope this will post.


Sara said...

I imagine it gets pretty cold in your neighborhood, if the wind is right. There was a wind chill of 7 degrees yesterday when I was out, and that was in the sunlight. Nighttime is extra brrr.

Did you roast a whole turkey? Yum.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I roasted a large turkey breast and two thights and made yummy soup and sandwiches and there is lots more. MMMMM.

It was extra cold the other night (and I'm not acclimated yet.)