Monday, January 26, 2009

25 MORE random things (yet again)

I was tagged again by Aurora and was amazed at how many things on her list I have in common with her.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

I am going to leave Aurora's list and add something new in parentheses if I'm different, but if I'm the same, leave it as it is.

1) I'm scared of spiders (I'm not)
2) I was scared of the dark until I was about 24 (me too, until I was about 19 or 20?)
3) I can navigate a boat ---with radar and charts (Nope, I cannot.  But I am good with a map and compass on solid ground)
4) I like to bake bread (me too!)
5) I learned to knit from my Grandma at about age 6 (me too!)
6) My ancestors (on my maternal side) settled Long island and built the first Quaker Meetinghouse on Long island (My ancestors on my Mom's side came to Massachusetts in one of the earliest landings.)
7) My Great Grandfather (paternal side) immigrated to America from Alsace Lorraine to escape the Prussian draft (My paternal grandparents came from Italy.  One of their grandparents was a pirate on the high seas.)
8) I am also partly of Scottish heritage (me, too, and Irish)
9) I once was close enough to a (wild) brown bear to smell its rotten breath (I've been very close to black bears a number of times, and once was directly above a grizzly on a cliff, alone in the wilderness.)
10) I lived "off the grid" without public utility electricity for 18 years (I loved without water or power for extended periods several times in my life)
11) I like to pick berries and make home made jam (me too--used to do it a lot, but less so now that I'm not supposed to have sugar).
12) I used to be a handweaver and I once wove all the curtains for our house (nope--I've sewn all my curtains on a sewing machine, but never learned to weave)
13) I wrote a small book on natural dyes in Southeast Alaska (I wrote a small book on science activities for children)
14) I participated in Judy Chicago's THE BIRTH PROJECT as a needleworker (I took a gang of 22 children, including one who spoke only french and one who was blind, across a hundred acre swamp in a terrible wind and lightning stom with trees falling around is and trees underwater and leeches and snapping turtles)
15) I had my second daughter at home (a home birth) (My children were born naturally in birthing centers).
16) I was on the down hill ski team in high school (me too)
17) I once caught--with a friend--a 350 pound halibut (I once caught enough pumpkinseeds in an hour-long session to feed three families--lol!  Can't think of anything like that halibut!))
18) I can gut, skin, and butcher a deer or moose (I've done a deer once.) ( But have skinned, guttened and butchered many other animals.  I lived on road kill as a student.)
19) I didn't learn to read until 3rd grade--but then once I "got it" I could read about 8th grade level
20) As a child, I used to read in bed with a flashlight--after "lights out" (me too!--or by the light of my aquariums at the end of my bed)
21) I can recognize and "grade" all species of salmon (I can age deer by jaws, trees by rings, and various other animals--although I'm getting rusty.  I once learned how to count herds of animals or flocks of birds by scatter diagrams and got relatively good at it.)
22) I can cook a decent meal on a boat at sea--no matter how much the boat is rolling and pitching (I can cook a decent meal while winter camping in a snowstorm on a fire or one-burner back-packing stove)
23) I love good poetry read aloud (me too!)
24) I have to spend a certain amount of time each year in the wilderness to stay sane (me too!)
25) I am a grandmother! (me too!)

I am tagging you if you want to play along!  (AGAIN?)  But since I've already tagged everyone more than once, I won't specifically name anyone.

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